Depth in a Time of Corona

Archetypal Astrology and the Coronavirus


A Calling for Another Way



Self-isolating Is Not Self Isolation!

Pacifica Experience: an invitation to explore and learn

New Beginnings at Pacifica: Welcoming a new provost and a new Psy.D. program

"One Last Conversation in Prima Materia"

Coming Home to Pacifica, January 17-19

“Loving Medusa, Redeeming Athene: A Mythopoesis of Female Blood, Embodiment, and Sovereignty." An Interview of Dr. Jaffa Frank by Devon Deimler, Ph.D.

Faculty Spotlight: Mary A. Wood & Susan Rowland, Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life

Faculty Spotlight: Mary A. Wood & Susan Rowland, Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life

Faculty Spotlight: Mary A. Wood & Susan Rowland, Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life

Faculty Spotlight: Juliet Rohde-Brown, Ph.D., Chair of the Ph.D. in Depth Psychology, Integrative Therapy and Healing PracticesPublishedPublicMoreShareEdit

Pacifica’s Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices Specialization

Faculty Spotlight: Juliet Rohde-Brown, Ph.D., Chair of the Ph.D. in Depth Psychology, Integrative Therapy and Healing Practices

ILLUMINED: Mandalas and Mythos Across Art and Time

The Legacy of James Hillmans' Archetypal Psychology: A Conversation with Professor Michael P. Sipiora

The Lived Reality of Synchronicity

Pacifica’s Visionary Future: Forging into the Future of Depth Psychology

The Call to Pacifica: Spotlight on Heesun Kim and the Integrative Therapy and Healing Practices Specialization

The Grieving Tree: Offering a Public Space to Express Grief

Dissertation Award of Excellence 2019

The History of Pacifica

Archetypal Cosmology, Part II: Studying Archetypal Cosmology and Depth Psychology at Pacifica

Archetypal Cosmology, Part I: Beyond Outer and Inner Space

The Practical Uses of Myth: Applied Mythology in the 21st Century and Beyond

Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life: Earn your M.A. while developing your creative practice

Upcoming Pacifica Events: Spring 2019

Dr. Joseph Cambray - Expanding Jung’s Views of Synchronicity (MP3)

Quick Steps to Navigating the Admissions Process

Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Depth Psychologist?

Choosing the Right Path: Licensure Programs

Writing Down the Bones, Writing Down the Soul

The Soul Stands Ajar: Aesthetic Encounters as Portals to Wonder & Meaning

Gratitude and the Path to Wholeness

"Our Hearts Open With Love" | Statement on the Thousand Oaks Tragedy by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat

PTSD and the Military: Depth Psychological Perspectives and Resources

Bears, The Wild Woman Archetype, and the Road Toward Individuation

Helping Foster Children Through Dream Work and Other Depth Psychological Tools

Trauma is Remembered in the Body: How Somatic Studies Can Help Heal Homeless Youth and Beyond

“All Psychology is Depth Psychology” and 6 Other Thought-Provoking Ideas That Will Change Your View of Depth Psychology

Before the Storytelling: An Interview with Craig Chalquist, PhD by Devon Deimler, PhDc

Student Services at Pacifica

Hurtful Parenting: Identifying and Overcoming the Impact of Narcissistic Families

Immigration Statement

Conversations on Trauma and Transcendence: A Roundup

Navigating the Depths: How the Psychoid and Unus Mundus Can Help Us Transcend Trauma

Spiritual Implications of Psychosis: How a Spiritual Perspective Can Provide Health Benefits to Mind and Body

MA Counseling Psychology: 2018 Thesis Presentation Day

May 19th: Community & Connections—Inspiring Resilience and Hope

Dissertation Award of Excellence

A Revision of One’s Calling: A Journey through Embodied Experience

Normalizing Non-Ordinary Experiences: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Love and Relationships as a Spiritual Path in the 21st Century: A Jungian Perspective

Phoenix Force and Feminine Jouissance: Reading Myth in Comic Books and Pop Culture

Depth Psychology: Empowering Multicultural Women in the Wider World

Deep Vocation: Living Your 'One Wild and Precious Life'

Illness, Identity, and the Archetype of the Exile: Finding Meaning and Vitality through Depth Psychotherapy

Depth Psychology and the Recovery of Enchantment

Inside and Outside: How the Unconscious Reveals Itself Through Art

Epigenetics, Ancestors, and Living Your Calling

My first days at Pacifica: First year student reflections

From Information to Inspiration: An Interdisciplinary Career Based on Myth, Music, Depth Psychology, and the Arts

Mythology, Cosmology, and Symbolism of Ancient Egypt, Part 2

Mythology, Cosmology, and Symbolism of Ancient Egypt, Part 1

Depth Psychology, Art, and the Archetype of the Walled Woman

Campus Updates | Pacifica Graduate Institute

Montecito Flood Updates | Pacifica Graduate Institute

A Community in Grief | Pacifica Graduate Institute

Only Blood Can Change: The Artist as Activist and Alchemist

Trial by Water Update | Pacifica Graduate Institute

Trial by Water | Pacifica Graduate Institute

Fire on the Mountain at Solstice

The Thomas Fire | Pacifica Graduate Institute

The Thomas Fire | Pacifica Graduate Institute

The Thomas Fire | Pacifica Graduate Institute

The Thomas Fire | Pacifica Graduate Institute

Holding Your Fire

The Thomas Fire | Office of Admissions at Pacifica Graduate Institute

The Thomas Fire | Pacifica Graduate Institute

Update from Pacifica Graduate Institute: Director of Financial Aid, Tracie Teague

Thomas Fire Updates from Pacifica Graduate Institute: Sunday, December 10 at 12:37 p.m. PT

New Thomas Fire Updates

Pacifica Graduate Institute Closed Campuses Due to Extraordinary Conditions from Thomas Fire, as Precaution

Mythological and Archetypal Perspectives on Childbirth in Contemporary Culture

Integration: Chinese Medicine, Somatic Studies, and Depth Psychology

Divine Darkness and Divine Light

A New Therapy for Politics?

My first days at Pacifica: First year student reflections

A Glastonbury Romance

Psyche and the Sacred

Photography and Writing: Into the Heart of Traditional Cultures in Times of Global Change


What’s It Like to Come to Class at Pacifica?

The World Is Made of Stories: The Power of Myth and the Study of Mythology

Embodied Activism

My first days at Pacifica: First year student reflections

A Time for Community

We Must Respond

Sandplay as a Healing Modality

Where Politics, Psyche, and Community Converge

Hurricane Harvey

Depth Psychology in the World: New President Joseph Cambray on Extending the Vision for Pacifica Graduate Institute

How Pacifica's M.A. Engaged Humanities Program has transformed my life

Horses, Hestia and Guinevere: Mythological Perspectives for Everyday Life

Practical Uses of Mythology

Holding the Tension: One Woman’s Journey from Immigrant to Therapist

Dreams, Calling, Suffering, and Individuation: Finding Light in the Darkness

Embodied Alchemy®: Tending the Vessel

Dionysus as God of Drama, Psychology, and Transdisciplinarity: Depth Psychology and the Arts

Pacifica Doctoral Student Harry Grammer named CNN Hero

Dreaming as Response: The Global Dream Initiative

The Core Complex of a Traumatized Psyche

Why alchemical psychology matters to me

The Beating Heart of Standing Rock: Walking The Great Mystery With All My Relations

Disconnected from the suffering of others

Displacing Boundaries of Race and Politics of Space in Los Angeles

Witches, Trauma, and Depth Psychology? The Practice of Psychology Today

Touching the Soul of the World: A Mythological and Soulful View of Chaotic Times

The Art of Transformation: Images, Dreams, and Alchemy

Pacifica represents at the 2017 Biennial Conference for the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA)

Pacifica Faculty member Dr. Avedis Panajian receives Psychoanalytic Center of California (PCC)

Counseling and Community Mental Health: A Soul-Based Calling

Dream Tending and Integrative Therapy and Healing Practices

Trauma and the Soul: Psychoanalytic Approaches to the Inner World

MA Counseling Psychology: 2017 Thesis Presentation Day

Mythological Studies and Dream Tending

Racism, Cultural Violence, and Conscious Change: How The Truth Telling Project is Transforming Society

Counseling Psychology and Dream Tending

Dream Tending and Pacifica’s Academic Programs

Peace Corps Meets Pacifica: Cultivating, Counseling, and Stories from Cameroon

The Problem with Yoga

The Power of Self-Actualization Revealed by Historical African-American Leaders

Tending Soul with Military, Veterans, and First Responders: A Depth Psychological Approach

On Feminist Roots and Radical Edges of Depth Psychology at Pacifica: In Celebration of Women’s History Month

Elemental Movement

Peace Corps Meets Pacifica: Stories from Romania

Ministry: Where Religion and Psychology Find Each Other

Peace Corps Meets Pacifica: Stories from Jamaica

Emerging Myths, Emerging Archetypes: Everyday Life in the Quantum Universe

Peace Corps Meets Pacifica: Stories from Guinea

Postgraduate Pluses and the Myriad Rewards of Master's and Doctoral Degrees

Depth Psychology and the Creative Arts: Theater, Therapy, Individuation

The Creative Dance of Mindfulness and Depth Psychology

Peace Corps Meets Pacifica: Stories from Niger

Waking Up From Trauma

Tonight in Dreamland: a New Play co-written by Award-Winning TV Writer Cheri SteinKellner & Visionary Jean Houston

Soul-centered Action

A Deeper Relationship with the Mind: Counseling, Creativity, and Transcendence

Depth Psychology and Careers of the Future

On Memoir, with Maureen Murdock

Elephants, Ethnography, and Somatic Psychology: On Trans-Species Fieldwork with Elephants

New Guest Rooms and Yurt at Pacifica's Ladera Lane Campus

Jung, Art, and Transformation: On Charlotte Salomon's "Life? or Theater?"

Star Wars: A Missed Opportunity

The Trickster, the Drag Queen, and the Goddess: Exploring Gender and Sexuality through an Archetypal Lens

Connecting Vocation with Psyche

Wolf Conservation and the Arts: A Community and Ecopsychological Perspective

Remarks for Marshall Chrostowski’s Retirement Gathering

Land Manager Marshall Chrostowski's tenure at Pacifica

In Communitas

Mythological Legends as Portals to Personal Shadow, Group Trauma, and Cultural Complexes

Mindfulness, Compassion, and Social Justice; An upcoming training at Pacifica

Gurdjieff Movements Intensive in Jirisan, South Korea

Land, Language, Silence: A Depth Psychological Perspective on Working with the Navajo at Black Mesa

Who was Carl Jung and why should we study him and his work?

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs) eligible to work at the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)

Depth Psychology in Work and Career Part I: Depth Psychology and the contributions of Sigmund Freud and C.G. Jung

Depth Psychology in Work and Career Part II

Working with the Ancestors: A Jungian Perspective with Sandra Easter, Ph.D.

How Memory Tending Can Transform You: An Interview with Dr. Daphne Dodson

Supervising in Depth: Pacifica Launches a New Certificate Training Program

Narcissistic Tendencies: Donald Trump and Shakespeare's Macbeth

Getting Past the Threshold and Into the Classroom

The Image Making Capacity of Soul: A Conversation on Imaginal Figures in Everyday Life with Dr. Mary Harrell

Encountering Sabina Spielrein: Forging Paths To and Through Powerful Women in Depth Psychology

Psychology According to Dr. Seuss (and at Pacifica Graduate Institute)

How Depth Psychology Found Me

Lionel Corbett: The Value of a Depth Education

Remembering the Role of the Body in Culture, Trauma, and Everyday Dynamics: An Interview with Dr. Rae Johnson

What Attending Pacifica Gave Me

Archetypal Reflections: Dr. Keiron Le Grice on Jungian and Depth Psychologies

Pacifica Graduate Institute Celebrates 40 Years!

Yoga Meets Depth Psychology: Union, Consciousness, Healing

Your Journey to Graduate School

Michael Meade Interview, Author of The Genius Myth

The Value of Multi-Cultural Perspectives in Depth Psychotherapy: An Interview with Dr. Matthew Bennett

Peace Corps and Pacifica Graduate Institute Announce New Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

Jungian analysts Erel Shalit and Joseph Cambray contemplate the work of Jung’s colleague and friend, Erich Neumann

Limitless Growth, the Destructive Myth of our Times: PART TWO of a Report on a Talk Given by Dr. Vandana Shiva at Pacifica’s 40th Anniversary Conference

A Local Athenaeum: Personal Reflections on Mythological Studies

The C.G. Jung—Erich Neumann Connection: An Interview with Dr. Lance Owens

'Tending the soul' Pacifica celebrates its graduates

Limitless Growth, the Destructive Myth of our Times: Part One of a Report on a Talk Given by Dr. Vandana Shiva at Pacifica’s 40th Anniversary Conference

Challenging the Community Psyche To Dream Forward, Pacifica Turns 40

Poem by Dennis Patrick Slattery, Ph.D. in Celebration of Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Forty Year Anniversary 2016

Ecotherapy: Nature Reconnection as a Powerful, Transformational Healing Practice: A Short Interview with Linda Buzzell

A Second Ph.D.; An Alumna Story

Why a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology?

Pacifica's Psy.D. Clinical Psychology Program; An Alumna Story

Pacifica's Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Program; An Alumnus Story

Dreaming the Earth: Earthing the Dream—Depth Psychology and Appreciative Nature Practices with Dr. Pat Katsky

Spirit, Soul, and the Secular: An Interview with Thomas Moore

Confronting Signs of a Society in Decline

Dezombifying Higher Education: A Depth Psychological Approach

Your Story Accelerator: Bring Your Story to Life and Put Your Ideas into Action

The Therapy Room and the Interactive Field: Dr. Joseph Cambray on Becoming a Supervisor in Depth

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Fact or Fiction?

What is Human Vocation? Pacifica's International Lecture Series

Alchemical Active Imagination

Teaching a Gurdjieff Movements intensive in Goa, India

Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association Alchemy Poet, Darius Simpson

Jung, Individuation, and Film

Failing in Order to Succeed; Recognizing the role of the Shadow

Depth Psychological Approaches to Suffering

Free Workshop for Applicants Accepted to Pacifica by March 31st

Pacifica Graduate Institute Mythological Studies Program

Pacifica's Friday Evening Salon Series; A Complimentary Lecture

Pacifica Graduate Institute Discussion with James Hillman, Ph.D.

When the Gods Come Calling: Dr. Jennifer Selig on Finding One's Vocation

Community and Ecological Fieldwork at Pacifica

The Hero's Journey: Creating My Own Star Wars Adventure

Joseph Campbell and the Skywalker: Meetings with George Lucas

Storytelling, Myth, Dreamtending and Narrative

Xenophobia, the growing international prejudice toward immigrants

From Marketing Executive to Therapist

Pacifica's Peace Pole at the Ladera Lane Campus

Approaches to the Study of Myth (MP3)

In Thanksgiving: The Presence of a Mentor, Dr. Louise Cowan

Pacifica Pledges for Climate Change Initiatives

We Are All Parisian

Fighting Violence with Violence: An Emotional Response to Terrorist Attacks?

Pacifica Students Awarded State-Wide MFT Education Stipend

Dr. Tina Stromsted, a scholar and practitioner integrating body, mind, & spirit

The Return of the Goddesses-in Mysteries!

All Kinds of Classrooms

What Archetype are you when it comes to Managing Money?

The Synchronicity of Ethics: Emmanuel Levinas and Carl Jung

Michael Brown and Darren Wilson: Looking back through 90 years of history

The Human Soul: Lost in Transition, at the Dawn of a New Era

Friday Update on Gibraltar Fire in Montecito, California

Gibraltar Fire in Montecito, California

Exploring Your Personal Myth Through Literary Classics

Border Tensions: Troubling Psychoanalysis, an Annual Conference

Pacifica Graduate Institute Self-Expression and Personality in Writing in Longhand

Pacifica Graduate Institute | The Mythology of Business: East vrs. West

My First Days of Graduate School: Pacifica Graduate Institute Faculty Reflections

Students have access to new videos by Virginia Satir

Pacifica Faculty, Alumni, & Students Present at The Art and Psyche

The Wandering Heroine: A Quest of a Different Kind

Jung's Collected Works Now Available

Sleuth and the Goddess: Hestia, Artemis, Athena, And Aphrodite in Women's Detective Fiction

Healing: The Return to Wholeness, a Complimentary Salon & Lecture 6/26

Pacifica Community Psychology Faculty & Students Present at SCRA's 15th Biennial Conference

Community Reparations for Victims of Jon Burge's Torture Techniques

The Legacy of John B. Watson: On Voodoism and The Unexamined Influence of the Father of Behaviorism on American Psychology

Ecopsychology: Eco-Grief felt from the 2015 Refugio Oil spill

Psyche's Knife: Archetypal Explorations of Love and Power

2015 MA Counseling Psychology Thesis Presentation Titles

Are Immediate Response Technologies Psychologically Damaging?

10 Must See Jungian Psychology Themed Films

The Earth Charter and the Search for Humanity's Shared Values

Pacifica Alumni: Coming Home to Re-engage and Refuel

Becoming an Embodied Ally

The Work of Creative Maladjustment: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Human Vocation: 4 Resources for Discovering Your Dharma

Going for the Gold: A Psyche-Centered Education

The 2015 Recipients: Wendy Davee Award for Service & the Chancellor's Award for Excellence

The Peace Corps & Pacifica Unite to give Scholarship Opportunities

The Ecocritical Psyche: Literature, Evolutionary Complexity and Jung

Up Against the Wall Re-Imagining the U.S.-Mexico Border

Free Lecture-Epiphanies: Big Dreams and Transformative Meetings

Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology, & Ecopsychology fieldwork

The Rebirth of the Hero: Mythology as a Guide to Spiritual Transformation



On the Horizon: Upcoming Events at Pacifica

Heartbreak: Recovering from lost love and mourning, Part III

Mythic Threads: Art, Healing, & Magic in Bali

Heartbreak: Recovering from lost love and mourning, Part II

Depth Psychotherapy: A Superior Approach

Heartbreak: Recovering from lost love and mourning, Part I

Growth: When a Myth No Longer Serves

A Tribute to James Hillman: Reflections on a Renegade Psychologist

City and Soul: The 2014 James Hillman Symposium

Greek and Roman Mythology with Dr. Christine Downing

Violence in America; 5 Forms Embedded in Our Psyche

10 things to Know; Getting Licensed in California as a LMFT/LPCC with Counseling Psychology

My Travels with Joseph Campbell