Dissertation Award of Excellence

Posted by Krystyna Knight on May 11, 2018 3:15:33 PM

libraryPacifica Graduate Institute confers the annual Dissertation Award of Excellence to recognize original research that significantly contributes to the field of depth psychology or mythological studies. Entries are based on the presentation and clarity of ideas, sound methodology and interpretation of findings, innovative quality, and contribution to the field of depth psychology or mythological studies.

A subcommittee of the Academic Excellence Committee composed of members of that committee and any other faculty member who wanted  to participate were invited. This group convened in April 2018 to assess the nominated dissertations. The criteria used for assessment included:

  • Importance and impact of the dissertation subject
  • Originality and creativity of the work
  • Potential for publishing (outside of ProQuest)
  • Organization of the dissertation
  • Quality of the writing
  • Other factors that denote excellence
  • Pacifica’s six core values: Logos, Eros, Consciousness, Integrity, Service, and Stewardship

wheat fieldThe Academic Senate and Pacifica Graduate Institute are proud to announce the 2017-2018 awardees of the Dissertation Award of Excellence: 

John Boyce Sherk, dissertation title Archetypal Underpinnings of Paternal Postpartum Depression: A Phenomenological Study

Katherine Marie Warwick-Smith, dissertation title  Remembering Prudence: Tracking the Iconography of a Cardinal Virtue to Her Resurgence in Depth Psychology 

Elizabeth Ruth Wolterink, dissertation title Cloaked in Darkness: Feminine Katabasis in Myth and Culture

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