Divine Darkness and Divine Light

Posted by Nikole Hollenitsch on Nov 17, 2017 2:04:51 PM

Jungian Analyst Stanton Marlan presents "Divine Darkness and Divine Light: Alchemical Illumination and the Mystical Play between Knowing and Unknowing." This presentation was given in the summer of 2017 at the conference Ars Alchemica: The Art And Alchemy Of Transformation.

This weekend symposium, hosted by The Retreat at Pacifica Graduate Instiutute drew upon the rich influence of Jung’s alchemical psychology, while expanding it for a new generation of scholars, seekers, and practitioners.

We hope you enjoy this presentation and welcome your feedback and discussion.

stan_marlan.jpgStanton Marlan, Ph.D. ABPP, is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Pittsburgh. An adjunct Clinical Professor of Psychology and Clinical Supervisor at Duquesne University Psychology Clinic, and teaching and training analyst with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, Dr. Marlan holds doctorates in both Clinical Psychology and Philosophy, and is Board Certified in both Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis. He currently serves as President of the American Board and Academy of Psychoanalysis, and President of the Pittsburgh Society of Jungian Analysts, as well as being a member of the Board of Trustees of the ABPP. Author of The Black Sun: The Alchemy and Art of Darkness (2005), and a forthcoming book on Jung and Alchemy entitled, The Philosophers’ Stone: The Alchemy and Art of Illumination, he has edited four books and written numerous articles on alchemy and Jungian psychology.

Topics: Pacifica Events, transformative, C.G. Jung, alchemy, Pacifica Graduate Institute