Land Manager Marshall Chrostowski's tenure at Pacifica

Posted by Nikole Hollenitsch on Nov 28, 2016 3:58:52 PM

A sense of place is central to the learning community at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Great attention has been given to creating an environment that nurtures creativity, nourishes soul, and seeks to transform. That process is guided by and enhanced by the trees, the plants, the water, and the spatial design of both the Lambert Road and Ladera Lane Campuses. And the man who has directed these efforts is heading into retirement, leaving behind a legacy of matter that will forever continue to shape our students, faculty, staff, and anyone else who has the good fortune to walk the grounds.

Pacifica co-founder and faculty member Maren Hansen asked Marshall to compile a list of his many achievements on the Pacifica campuses. Here are some highlights of Marshall’s tenure at Pacifica.

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Friday Update on Gibraltar Fire in Montecito, California

Posted by Nikole Hollenitsch on Oct 30, 2015 10:24:34 AM

At 8:19 this morning, the Montecito Fire Protection District sent notification that the evacuation warnings have been lifted.

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Gibraltar Fire in Montecito, California

Posted by Nikole Hollenitsch on Oct 29, 2015 2:17:34 PM

Dear Pacifica Community,

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Healing: The Return to Wholeness, a Complimentary Salon & Lecture 6/26

Posted by Nikole Hollenitsch on Jun 17, 2015 4:01:00 PM

One of the papers that 2nd year M.A. Counseling Psychology students present to their peers and professor Allen Koehn is on healing. The assignment asks them to reflect on their first two years in the program and write about the personal transformation that has taken place. Because the program is psycho-active and students participate in personal therapy, they find themselves going through a process of healing as they acquire the tools and skills necessary to be a therapist. This process of healing and the return to wholeness is the topic for the next complimentary salon and lecture on Friday, June 26 with Allen Koehn, D. Min. 

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Ecopsychology: Eco-Grief felt from the 2015 Refugio Oil spill

Posted by Nikole Hollenitsch on Jun 1, 2015 11:42:00 AM

Pacifica Graduate Institute professors held an Eco-Grief Gathering and Ceremony in response to the Refugio Oil Spill. Also featured in this post is drone video footage of the oil spill, captured two days after the ruptured pipe line began spewing oil into the Pacific Ocean.

May 28, 2015 –Santa Barbara, CA.

Linda Buzzell, M.A., LMFT, and Maren Hansen, M. Div., Ph.D., from Pacifica Graduate Institute hosted an Eco-Grief Gathering and Ceremony yesterday, in response to a recent oil spill at Refugio Beach. 

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