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The Return of Pan: The Nakedness of Power, Panic, and Pandemics

Posted by Guest on Apr 9, 2020 3:54:02 PM

A guest post by Mary A. Wood, Co-Chair, Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life Program

And no bird weeping a lament / no bird crying the song of its honey voice / in the leaves of Spring’s many flowers / could outrun him / Pan, in song” –“Hymn to Pan,” The Homeric Hymns

"Masked God." Mixed media collage, by Mary A. Wood

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Normalizing Non-Ordinary Experiences: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Posted by Guest on Apr 30, 2018 10:09:19 AM

Normalizing Non-Ordinary Experiences: An Interdisciplinary Approach. A blog post by Melissa Nazario, based on an interview with Ann Taves, Ph.D. by Bonnie Bright, Ph.D.

Listen to the full audio interview with Ann Taves here. (approx. 28 minutes)

If you began hallucinating, perhaps seeing or hearing things that no one else could perceive, how would you interpret this unusual experience? Ann Taves, Ph.D., professor of Religious Studies at the University of California Santa Barbara and presenter at Pacifica’s upcoming Trauma and Transcendence conference in June 2018, became interested in this topic back in the mid-80s, when there were a lot of people who were being diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. She had a friend who had been abused as a child and who apparently had multiple personalities, or dissociated identity, as the clinicians now call it. Ann says that because she came from a very rational sort of family, it had never dawned on her that our minds could experience changes like what it does with disorders, and she credits knowing her friend and hearing her talk about her experiences as the point at which, for Ann, the door first opened into the range of what was possible.

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What is Human Vocation? Pacifica's International Lecture Series

Posted by Guest on Feb 16, 2016 10:45:18 AM

Video Transcript: 

Dr. Alejandro: Bernardo, I'd like to ask you: what is human vocation? And what is the origin of the term and of the concept behind it?

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Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association Alchemy Poet, Darius Simpson

Posted by Guest on Feb 8, 2016 9:45:13 AM


Video Breakdown

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God. Funny how hand positions change over time when saying those lines, becomes less of a pledge of allegiance, more to prove to the officers that you are actually a citizen when they arrive on scene, August 28, 1955.

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Pacifica Graduate Institute Mythological Studies Program

Posted by Guest on Jan 22, 2016 1:06:42 PM


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