Community and Ecological Fieldwork at Pacifica

Posted by Nikole Hollenitsch on Jan 6, 2016 2:53:03 PM

Every fall students in the the Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology, and Ecopsychology Specialization of the M.A./Ph.D. Depth Psychology Program gather together to present their Community and Ecological fieldwork research projects. The community and ecological fieldwork projects take place during the summer quarter of a student's first and second year in the program. Working with a faculty advisor, students choose an organization or group to work with, applying the insights and methodologies learned from this innovative course of study.

In mid-December of 2015 students, alumni, staff, faculty, and guests gathered together on the Ladera Lane Campus to view the poster and multi-media presentations created by the students of the Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology, and Ecopsychology Specialization.

Community and Ecological Fieldwork Research Abstracts

To share this exquisite and powerful work of the students, and the communities they engage with, I have provided a list of each presentation. To learn more about the individual communities and fieldwork students work with download the list of presentations complete with full abstracts. 

DSC06759.jpgCreative Art with Marginalized Children in Lagos, Nigeria by Sia Alexander

Side By Side by Marcia Alexander

Green Space in LA: The Groundwork for a Community Revolution by Kristopher Chew


Good Intentions: Medical and Disaster Relief in a Third World Country by Susan George-Rydberg

DSC06770.jpgHarm and Repair: Reflections on a Fieldwork Experience with the Fellowship of Reconciliation in Japan by Samantha Gupta

Feeling the Unknown: Trauma, Place, and An Uncertain Future by Jonathan Horton

Míw’ïy-a-t-i’ ‘učù: Our People Are Living Creating Sacred Space to Remember, Celebrate Survival, and Revitalize a People Through Traditional Miwok Basketweaving: A Narrative History by Skye Keeley-Shea Innerarity

Walking the “Earth Path”: A Deep Reflection on Cultural Appropriation by Carol Koziol

Understanding Racism Through Service and Inquiry by Mari Larangeira

DSC06775.jpgHomeless in La Candelaria, Mexico City by Sergio Ignacio Escamilla Sánchez

Transforming Peers’ Lives: An Analysis of Cooperative Leadership in an Independent Peer-Led Organization by Elizabeth R. Stone

Don’t Delay Joy: A Depth Psychological Inquiry of the Carousel of Happiness by Robin Svenson

Engendering Engagement: A Journey Toward Non-Profit Collaboration by Gabrielle Zhuang

Reciprocity and the Emphatic Truth of Gesture: An Environmental Hermeneutic by Holly Allen

Searching for Okinawa Identities and the U.S. Military Colonization in Okinawa by Fujika Ariarakawa

LIFEbeat: A Transformative Arts Camp for 14-18 Year Olds by Nicola Bennett

Reparative Work In Communities Impacted by State Violence by Elizabeth Deligio

Accompanying the Local Oaxacans by Renata Funke

Playing Music For Animals: An Exploration Into Interspecies Communication by Nancy Grace

Initiatives for Higher Learning and Social Change: Re-visioning the Future of Incarcerated People by Aaqilah Islam

The Land – The People: The Relationship between People and Land by Hanh Le

Discovering the Unconscious: African-Centered Nature-Based Activities for African American Men by Jonathan D. McCray Sr.

Observations in India: Studying the Experience of Persons With Intellectual Disabilities by Jonathan Rudow

Displaced Legacies: I’m Gonna Shine ‘Til I Blind Y'all by Wanda Ali Batin Sabir


You can also view multi-media presentations of previous presentations here.

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