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I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God. Funny how hand positions change over time when saying those lines, becomes less of a pledge of allegiance, more to prove to the officers that you are actually a citizen when they arrive on scene, August 28, 1955.

Money, Mississippi, a little boy with a cannon for a heart is ejected from the barrel of a bridge, bullets made confetti out of his face. They even tied an elephant shaped cotton gin to his torso to sink him to the bottom. He had an entire circus act on the bottom of the river, but no one clapped when he emerged dead. I guess death wasn't a part of the act. Emmett Till was not a victim. He was a magician. Changed the course of an entire Civil Rights Movement and all he had to do was snap his neck February 4, 1999.

Amadou Diallo put his money where his gun was. Shot down his front porch for holding a pistol shaped wallet. They thought he had a weapon. He quite literally didn't have a shot, so they gave him 41 on his front porch. He only caught 19 bullets. He was 22. Two times two is four. He was shot down by four officers who fired a little over 40 shots on the 4th of February at 12:44am.

The Fourth Amendment states no illegal searches nor seizures. He was not a victim. He was one seizure away from setting procedure November 25, 2006. They rang Sean's bell, the kind of bell that rings a kind of ring you wear to a wedding. The kind of wedding he was on his way to.

He has got a gun. They fired 50 shots into the car killing Sean and wounding the other two passengers. One of the officers even stopped to reload the way an artist stops in the middle of painting to admire his work. He fired 31 pastels into the car. Sean Bell was not a victim. He was a canvas and all he had to do to earn his spot on history's wall forever was be shot to death October 3, 2009.

Victor Stein, a 17-year-old black boy riding a rocket ship down an empty street was ordered to turn in his wings and pull over to the side of the road. "Officer, you don't understand. See, that man on the moon, yeah, that's my dad and he may never come back if I don't make it to him tonight." He was just trying to reach for the stars.

The taser tied an astro knot in his throat. The officer even drove over his body before removing the taser metal from his torso. There is no metaphor for that. It just hurts. The last thing he felt was the weight of the car's wheels on his chest. No wonder he was out of breath. He was just tired.

August 5, 2014, Beavercreek, Ohio, a toy soldier by the name of John Crawford was relieved from duty in the action figure section of Walmart. He walked around the way many PTSD patients do when relieved from battle, gripping his weapon, tighten his grip on reality, he awaited orders from his commanding officer of a mother on the phone that day. "Sir, can I help you?" "Hold your position." "Sir, could you stop waiving your weapon like that?" "Hold your position." "Sir, I'm calling the police." "Hold your position." "Put down the weapon." "Hold your- Bang.

Whoever said you have the right to bear arms was lying. He was a tiger let loose on a jungle full of poachers that day. A mother lost her son. A father lost his junior the way a fraction loses its better half when multiplied correctly. There were multiple shell casings at the scene, none of which belonged to the BB gun. John Crawford was not a victim. He was a war hero with a gold star on his straight jacket.

September 10, 2014, Saratoga Springs, Utah, police received a call of suspicious behavior and almost immediately went on a Darrien Hunt, a young black male in a 93% white community wielding a Samurai sword. It is believed that once a Samurai sword is drawn, it must taste blood even if it is from the owner's body.

They say he lunged at them which means that he is the fastest assassin who ever lived because all six shots from police were in his back. The media keeps calling this an altercation. I don't understand why they're spelling execution like that. I've never heard slaughter pronounced that way.

September 18, 2014, a Houdini by the name of Charles Smith was found in Savannah, Georgia. They locked him in a cage shaped like a police car. He took this as a test of his magician skills. It's not his fault. See, as black men we tend to have an unearthly desire to escape. He was still learning new tricks. See, what he meant to do was reappear outside the car uncuffed. Instead, he accidentally made a gun appear in his possession. Good thing the police are used to magic tricks. It was nothing for them to make his life disappear.

January 24, 2004, Brooklyn, New York, Timothy Stansbury, January 1, 2009, Oakland, California, Oscar Grant, January 29, 2010, Portland, Oregon, Aaron Campbell, March 7, 2012, New Orleans, Louisiana, Wendell Allen, March 13, 2014, Lorton, Oklahoma, Daniel Martin, August 9, 2014, Ferguson, Missouri, Michael Brown, August 12, 2014, Los Angeles, California, Ezell Ford, October 8, 2014, St. Louis, Missouri, Vonderitt Myers, Raupheal Thomas, Tamir Rice, Tanesha Anderson, Aura Rosser.

I apologize if I have trouble pledging allegiance to a flag that has been determined to do us part and leave our black bodies dangling at the alter with liberty and justice for all.

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